Master the Swing: A 4-Week Hitting Challenge

How young athletes all over the country are seeing RIDICULOUS progress in just 4 weeks!


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In-Person Lessons Aren't Enough

In-person lessons are a great way for a young athlete to establish a baseline.


The biggest problem I see with my hitters is that we're constantly working on the same things.

Every. Single. Week.

So many young athletes take one step forward, and one step back.

This leaves the athlete confused, frustrated, and it takes the fun out of the game.

But why?

Hitters aren't getting the necessary instruction in-between lessons to bridge the gap.

And look, it's not their fault.

They're doing what they think is right.

What I discovered is that athletes need to work on their craft MORE than they currently do with their in-person lessons.

Who Is This Challenge For?

If you or your child has...

1. A Great Work Ethic

2. A Great Attitude

3. A Drive to Improve

Then you're the type of family I'd like to work with!

If you do not fall in this category, click away now, as this challenge is not for you.

But if that is you... keep reading! 

That's Me! Let's Do It!

Okay That's Me...

But Why Do This Challenge Anyway?

You see...

I care about helping kids establish the proper fundamentals.

Some kids work on the right stuff, and some kids work on the wrong stuff.

If you work on the RIGHT stuff, you set your kid up for success in the long run.

If you work on the WRONG stuff, your kid will eventually be limited by their fundamentals.

For Example:

Think about typing...

We all know that one person who only types with just their pointer fingers (hopefully not you).

While, yes, they can "type".

They type slower than everybody else.

They never practiced the correct technique enough.

The same thing applies to the fundamentals of hitting.

 The Best Hitters Have The Best Fundamentals

Have you ever seen a kid committed to play at a Division 1 school?

You know what makes them so good?

They never don't do the fundamentals.

If it seems simple... it's because it is.

The best hitters never don't do the basics.

So if the best hitters never don't do the basics... how can you expect your child to be the best hitter they can be, without the fundamentals?

It's impossible.

It's like asking somebody who doesn't know how to ride a bike to compete in the Tour De France.

Because... guess what?

Baseball only gets harder as you go up the ranks.

To even have a chance to play at higher levels of baseball, you need to establish a great foundation to build on.

And in order to build a great foundation, you need to work on your fundamentals more than just once per week.

We're Ready! Let's Go!

 So What Does This Challenge Entail?

4 Virtual Hitting Lessons

Get on a video call with me once a week and we'll have a virtual hitting lesson. I run these the exact same way as if I had you in-house, so we aren't missing a beat!

Video Feedback

All of my challengers get feedback on each video they send. This leaves no room for guessing on if you're executing the plan properly!

 Customized Hitting Plan

Daily personalized hitting drills with video feedback designed to build a baseline of fundamentals. This ensures you're doing the RIGHT stuff, for YOU.

 Daily Accountability

Daily communication to ensure that we're not only on the same page, but that you're executing everything on a daily basis.

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I Do This For The Kids

In my career, I wish I had access to better information.

For that, I want to give back.

It's my mission to make the best hitting information available to everybody on the internet.

I'm so fortunate to have the opportunity to coach kids for a living.

To give them the information I didn't have.

To provide the resources I didn't have.

To be the coach I didn't have.

Don't wait.

We're in this together.

Let's Get Started!